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Manage Your Vehicle Inventory

  • Enter new vehicles
  • A VIN Decoder speeds data entry
  • Add repair and improvements costs
  • Enter vendor information
  • Associate photos with your vehicle

Complete Car Sales Easily

  • Set the vehicle price, taxes, fees
  • Enter customer, co-buyer, and credit application
  • Add financing & lien holder details
  • Add any costs associated with the sale
  • Frazer checks OFAC's SDN list (terrorist list)

Access Customer Details Quickly

  • Review account balances
  • Enter payments for contract, fees, and repairs
  • Add repossessions, track repo costs
  • Bill customers for costs added after the sale
  • Process a used-car write-off

Handle Your Accounting

  • Enter bills
  • Print checks
  • Record bank deposits
  • Bank reconciliation
  • View financial reports

Customer Comments

As we start the new year it occurred to me that in all these years I have never sat down to write how much I appreciate every single one of you. I don't call as often as I did in the beginning since I have become more familiar with the Frazer program. You were lifesavers back then when it was all so new and I thank you for that. Since then I only tend to call when there is a glitch of some kind (not the best time to interact with someone). Each and every time I have called I have been greeted by a pleasant, professional, and positive person. Not everyone can know it all and you do not hesitate to confer with co-workers in order to respond to the customer's needs. No one at Frazer has ever made me feel inferior for not knowing all there is to know about computing (a...
Catherine - Huntsville, AL
I appreciate you taking such good care of your personnel that the customers you serve can actually talk to someone who seems happy to assist us. We always feel the "phone smiles" and certainly appreciate the high level of professional expertise.
Jack Holland - Adamsville, AL
You guys are great to work with. I don't think I've seen a program that's easier to use.
Billy Byrd - Knoxville, TN
Time being my most valuable commodity, I wish I'd have had time earlier to send this off. Frazer has given me back a lot of time, a lot! The Frazer system has been a great experience for me. I'm still trying to poke holes in it, that's what I do, and whenever I find a small hole, someone in your tech support staff plugs it. I would put installing the Frazer system on par with my hiring another good salesman, and a bookkeeper. If you only use one part of the Frazer system it would be a beneficial, time saving, smooth experience. I would buy the Frazer system just for the inventory and upload part of the program alone, but the availability of the white paper forms, and the speed and willingness of the staff to provide new forms, and the Frazer off-site backup, are j...
Don Robinson - La Habra, CA
Thanks for all your help in the past and in the future. Your program has always helped track and grow our business. We also appreciate your patience and positive attitude when we call.
Larry & Troy - Mt. Zion, IL
You have the best customer service of any company I have ever worked with.
Don - Virginia Beach, VA
Just a quick word to say how much I love Frazer Computing. Everything is great - the software is easy to use - customer service is the best - the price is affordable. Thank you for making my life so much easier. Now we have the presence of a big dealership on the budget of a small one.
Nikki - Miami, FL
I am 99.9, if not 100% satisfied with your program and customer service. Compared to my previous software company you are a breath of fresh air.
J.R. Rentfro - Aurora, MO
Thanks for another great year. You are always so helpful to me, no matter how small or weird my problems are. I hope we have many more great years together.
Sheilah (& Steve, Joey, Lee) Williams - Canon, GA
We appreciate all of the support you have given us and have really enjoyed your program.
Burnie - Orangeburg, SC
I pay this bill with the greatest of pleasure. You guys do a spectacular job at a wonderful price. Keep up the good work!
Lamon - Oakwood, GA
Thank you again for all of your first rate help. You are a 'power team' and I appreciate all of you!
Jessie - Winchester, VA
I would like to thank your support staff for the wonderful service that has been provided.
Cain Baugh - Springfield, OH
I would like to compliment the entire staff at Frazer Computing. Every time I call I am extremely pleased with the professionalism and helpfulness of your staff.
Eric Thompson - Chicago, IL
Thank you so much for having quality people available to help us. I have never been disappointed when I have had to call to get help regarding your software. Your program is excellent. Thank you again for your quality software at an affordable price.
Lani Sherman - Wilson, NC
When I received a call from another dealer I gave my sterling recommendation. I told him your system was the best money I had ever spent.
Dennis - Chattanooga, TN
It is a pleasure doing business with a company that is as people oriented as your company is.
John - Hattiesburg, MS
First I would like to say how pleased I am with the Frazer software we have. It seems to be a great program and meets all of our needs. I am even more pleased with the excellent tech service I have received each and every time I have had to call you for help. I would highly recommend the Frazer program and service to anyone.
Wanda - Tuscaloosa, AL
Thanks for your fast and friendly response anytime I need help with my program. I appreciate it.
Jack - Snellville, GA
You guys are great! Your customer support is second to none. I call about 2 to 3 times a year and you are always helpful and get me what I need. I also always get updates and new forms programming too.
Tim - Augusta, GA
You guys are just so wonderful and great to work with. I would recommend your company and your software to anyone, anytime.
Debbie - Twin Falls, ID
Excellent Service and Support!
Jeff - Knoxville, TN
I am really glad that I have Frazer Software because working with you is always a pleasant, hassle-free experience.
Patty - Roberta, GA
I have never once called your company in which my call wasn't answered promptly and spoke to anyone that wasn't cheerful and sincerely anxious to solve my concerns, problems or answer questions. You seem to have this business mastered as you have great pricing, a quality product and exceptional customer service.
Joe Craig - Camby, IN
In my 17 years of computing I have NEVER experienced better technical support. I no longer dread the thought of needing to contact my software provider seeking support. Your staff is thoughtful, and informative, never hesitating to take the time necessary to educate my staff and myself properly... 10 out of 10!!!
Gabriel Mease - Hurricane, UT
I just wanted to THANK YOU ALL for your assistance with explaining to me the sales tax report so I could explain it to the auditor. I am so glad we changed to your software in December 2006. The auditor was very pleased with the reports your program produces. I owed no additional tax plus she was only here for 6 hours on a 3 year audit. HOORAY for Frazer. You guys are great.
Michelle Shelton - Hazel Green, AL
Frazer is absolutely outstanding for the cost. It works better (more intuitive) than some more expensive systems out there.
Barry Bolton - St. Cloud, MN
I have been in the car business for 20 years and this is the best software I have used.
Jon Schumer - Las Cruces, NM
We are so happy we switched to your software. Easy, great and best we ever used. Your support and service is outstanding, your staff is very knowledgeable and pleasant. I will recommend you to every car dealer I know. Best wishes to you all and thank you for everything.
Wally - North Attleboro, MA
This morning we had a computer failure on the desktop which ran our Frazer Dealer software. I called customer service, was fortunate to be connected with a technician who walked me through an online connection which allowed them to reinstall the software on a backup computer. After loading the software, they reinstalled my data. Total time? Less than 10 minutes. From disaster to back in business, I am impressed. Thanks!
Mark Russo - San Francisco, CA
I wanted to drop off a quick note of appreciation for the tremendous support your staff has given this dealership. They have done a tremendous job each and every time I have had a question or issue. I have dealt other software providers and have not found a company that provides the degree of professionalism and technical expertise as the people employed by your company. Your crew are the reason I have recommended your company to others (I am personally responsible for five dealerships now using your software) and, as far as I am concerned, do not understand why someone would choose a different system. You also need to understand that this is the first letter of this type I have written in the last five years. It's just that I think you need to be aware of how l...
Charles "Rocky" Rockwood - Hinesville, GA
Thanks to Frazer's reminders to backup, I'm back in business fast after my PC crashed. God bless you all at Frazer.
Steve Marben - Sierra Vista, AZ
Since I started managing my customer accounts using Frazer our customer pay rate has risen 16.5%. We are able to keep better track of our late customers and solve issues before they become problems. Thank you for providing the right tool for the right job.
Steven D. Kelly - St. Louis, MO
Once again I have to send my compliments to all of your staff !!! I was on the phone with one of the support staff, who was knowledgeable, efficient, and completely solved my issues I called in about. I am very pleased with the immediate help that is available and again THANK YOU for doing an EXCELLENT JOB!
Craig McAllister - North Logan, UT
Just a short note to affirm what a great customer support team Frazer makes available to their Dealers! Josh helped me twice on Friday, April 20, with two relatively small but uncommon issues. As always he was a pleasure to work with, patient and courteous! Most importantly, he responded to my email request for help after hours on a Friday!!
Jamie Shelton - Pflugerville, TX
I have been using Frazer now for several months and just wanted to drop you a line with some observations. As a career software engineer, before opening my dealership, I would like to congratulate your company and employees on a great software package. Very easy to set up, extremely easy and efficient to use and updates are very timely. As far as support, I have never in my career seen more knowledgeable, faster and more courteous response.
Tom Csibor - Oakhurst, CA
I've had Frazer software for 2 full years. I wanted to finally drop you a note and tell you how I got your software and how much it has saved me. I walked into (a friends) Auto Sales about 2 years ago, and he showed me his ad valorem reports and quarterly OCCC reports and it all looked very professional . He was so proud of it. He was so excited and explained to me that he had software that did his monthly, quarterly OCCC, and end of year reports, complete with a help desk that would get in your computer and fix a mistake. You should have heard him. He and I had talked about how much we hated factoring the OCCC buy here pay here reports before, so I was STUNNED!! "How much you paying for that??" I asked. Anyway, I had my doubts, but couldn't get over ho...
Paul Perryman - Flint, TX
Frazer Computing is the best software program any new or experienced dealer could use! From when I started my dealership with 5 cars to now when I have 75 cars in two locations Frazer has been there for me! As I became more demanding and complex Frazer's program had me covered for every curve ball I threw at them. I will admit that I tried several other programs along the way, and not one could compete with the simple to use, but at the same time the ability to cover some many areas of my dealership. Not to mentions how affordable the program is... The customer support is worth that and more! Thanks again for all your support and quick help. Your forms department has helped me out like no other!
Matt Miller - Fort Madison, IA
Without you all I wouldn't be able to even say that 2014 is a year of expansion for our small family business. You give us many avenues to drive down that, without your support, we would NOT even attempt. We are very excited to see what this new year will bring not only for us, but your company as well. I can't say enough great things about your company, your software, but mostly your staff. You guys rock!
Angela Burns - Youngstown, OH
I just wanted to take a moment to say Kudos to your Frazer Help Desk, not just for a call I made today, but for each phone call I have made, the update requests I have made to our system, and anytime I have had to call in to Frazer. The staff that works for Frazer is awesome. Everyone is always so thorough and very efficient in getting my requests completed quickly. Everyone is always friendly and they are very patient with you whether it's a customer that walked in just as I may have started a call, or if my phone rings and I need to place them on hold, and even when we are not as computer savvy, they are still so patient and friendly. This is the meaning of customer service and I just want to say THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!!!
Anitra - Fairburn, GA
This is just a letter to let you know how much I appreciate your software. It has made my life so much easier. The cost saved us more than $1200 a year over our previous dealer version. Plus, your tech staff is very pleasant, and answers questions and fixes problems quickly. I haven't used anything in 17 years that has simplified my job so completely. Thanks so much!
Bill - Kokomo, IN

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